Rules and Regulations of The Democratic Party of The Bronx

Every two year’s, under the rules and regulations of the Bronx Democratic County Committee bylaws, the organization and it’s County Committee Members come together for a hours long meeting, that is open to the general public. At such meeting, a slate of a potential list of nominees for positions within the Bronx Democratic Party, the County Committee and its ruling sub-committees, and the Judicial Branch of the County of the Bronx are presented to the members of the County Committee. The members will then proceed to vote upon each individual Democrat member in said slate, with the hopes of concluding the meeting with a fully voted upon slate of candidates as approved by the County Committee members.

Below, our County Committee members and members of the general public will find a comprehensive and extensive list of this year’s rules and regulations for the County Committee Members meeting of the Bronx Democratic Party.

2020 BDCC Rules Adopted 9.30.2020