Bronx Democratic Law Committee




The Bronx Democratic Law Committee will be open to all attorneys who live or practice The Bronx. The Committee’s purpose is to actively involve attorneys with County and to utilize their talents and efforts to assist in community activities and in promoting County. The Committee will meet monthly (outside of the normal election cycle, June – September) to discuss future activities and programming. The first few months of programming will be dictated and then a subcommittee will be developed to handle programming going forward.

Committee Purpose: 

  • Actively involve attorneys in County who live or work in The Bronx.
  • Identify potential assets to County and the community at large.
  • Increase resources available in the event of legal challenges and legal issues in high volume election cycles.
  • Create a team of attorneys to prove community outreach legal and pseudo/legal programming for County.

Initial Committee Layout: 

  • First introductory meeting –
    • A meet and greet with Chairman of The Bronx Democratic Party, Assemblyman Marcos Crespo
    • A discussion of the goals/programming for the occurring session of the Law Committee
  • Second Meeting (on going meetings thereafter) –
    • Plan the first community outreach program – Target date

Examples of Community Programming Include: 

  • Medicaid application troubleshooting
  • College Application assistance
  • Law School Application assistance
  • Petitioning
  • Election Campaigning


For more information on the Law Committee, please email us at