County Committee Members 


Being a County Committee member is the most grassroots position within the Bronx Democratic Party and it is the first step for individuals who wish to become more involved in Bronx County politics. Running for this position requires petitioning, which will help you become familiar with the process. Once elected, the contributions required of you are minimal. A county committee member represents an election district which is the smallest political unit, usually comprising of 700 to 1,000 people, or one to three city blocks. These elected officials only meet once every two years in order to be a part of the selection process for the slate of Democratic candidates that will be running for election or re-election during their according primary or general election season. If a vacancy occurs in the State Assembly, State Senate, or Congress, county committee members in that district may be convened to vote on selecting the Democratic Party’s nominee if a special election is called to fill that vacancy. The slate that is selected and voted upon by the county committee members then must run their own successful elections in order to win their office seat in the upcoming election.


Requirement: The County Committee Member is an un-paid elected official who serves a two year term, and must reside in the assembly district in which they are elected. Each election district has two to four elected county committee positions. Some election districts require one female and one male committee member to serve jointly.


For more information on County Committee Members or if you wish to join County Committee, please email us at: