How Do I Become A County Committee Member?

County Committee is the most grassroots position within the Bronx Democratic Party.  County Committee members represent election districts which are the smallest political units, typically comprising of 700-1,000 people, approximately 1 to 3 city blocks.  Assembly districts are made up of several dozen election districts. Each election district has two to four elected county committee positions which can change from year to year.

The main responsibility of a county committee member is casting a vote for officers of the county committee; including chairperson, secretary, treasurer, first vice chairperson, vice chairs, and sergeant at arms, which occurs every two years.  The County Committee also meets at least once each year to discuss Party business and consider any proposed resolutions.  If a vacancy occurs in the State Assembly, State Senate, or Congress, county committee members in that district may be convened to vote on selecting the Democratic Party’s nominee if a special election is called to fill that vacancy.

The County Committee is elected in the Democratic Primary once every two years.  Candidates for County Committee must qualify for the ballot by collecting petition signatures, similar to candidates for elected office and party leader positions.  County committee is typically on a designating petition with candidates for Assembly, Senate, district leader, state committee, and judicial delegate. The number of signatures required to qualify for the ballot is determined by how many votes the Democratic nominee for Governor received in each election district in the last gubernatorial election.

Requirements: County Committee Members are unpaid party officials who serve a two year term and must reside in the assembly district in which they are elected, but are not required to reside in the election district in which they run.

If you are interested in running for county committee, please download and complete the county committee consent form below and email it to The Bronx Democratic Party at  One of your district leaders will follow up.

2020 County Committee Consent Form

2020 Committee Consent Form (Spanish)