Who Is The Bronx Democratic Party?

Mission Statement:

As the Democratic Party organization in The Bronx, our mission is not only to help elect Democrats across the borough who will continue to fight for progress and for the residents of our communities, but we are also deeply committed to our Democratic values through engaging Bronxites year-round to increase access to resources by connecting them to legal, financial, and other public services, participating in political activism initiatives, and serving as an inclusive facilitator between our communities and Party members.

What We Do:

As the Bronx Democratic County Committee, we represent a set of values that largely reflects that of the National Democratic Party. Our main goal as an organization is to help elect progressive Democratic candidates all across the borough of The Bronx that will be integral to fighting for the progress our communities deserve. Our mission is to engage our Bronxites all year round in the Democratic process and to get our constituents involved with their local elected officials.

But beyond that, as the Bronx Democratic Party has evolved, we have steadfastly become the party that stands for the rights of healthcare as a human right, increased minimum wage, union labor rights and a comprehensive immigration reform that includes a solution for our DREAMer’s both locally and nationwide. Our democratic elected officials, both on the local and national level, have been progressive champion’s of LGBTQIA+ rights, women’s rights and their reproductive rights, climate change and the scientific evidence that supports it, as well as a being strong proponents of legislations for justice and bail reform in the City of New York.

The Bronx Democratic Party, through out commitment to electing politician’s who get the right kind of job done, have been able to stand on the right and just side of every issue when it has mattered the most. And the commitment from our organization is to continue to do just that.